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Sunset in the Horizon
1 January 2014

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Mini Tajmahal
24 December 2013

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In Touch with Nature
17 November 2013

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11 November 2013

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Beauty in Yellow
4 November 2013

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Couple from Rajasthan
21 October 2013

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14 October 2013

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Looking through an apple
24 September 2013

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22 September 2013

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The Color Brigade
18 September 2013

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The Journey
15 January 2013

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6 November 2012

Recent Comments

omid on Sunset in the Horizon
woooow! It's a very nice shot with beautiful frame & lighting! A M A Z I N G !

Louisette on Face to Face with an Alligator
Nice capture face aligator, greeting from Belgium

sandra tyler on How to climb an Elephant
I love your photos! Would be happy to use some of them in the upcoming issue of The Woven Tale Press: ...

Jo Bryant on Barbeques and Steaks

Jo Bryant on Sweets for the Elephant Lord
I hope he is hungry

md on Hampi Street Sign
Hey!! This is funny... and bright! :-) Like it!

md on The Journey
just love trains... :-)

md on Sweets for the Elephant Lord
:-D !! The modak is bigger than Him! ... wonder how he will consume all these! :-)) Really sweet!

Jo Bryant on How to climb an Elephant
what a wonderful moment to capture

Jo Bryant on Tiny Treats
what a cutie - lovely shot

md on Knits & Knots
Silk? Right? Just love the raw golden hue!

md on Eyes Wide(angle) Open
Looks quite arid & rocky.. Wonder whether its Andhra...

md on Life is a Breeze
One gorgeous lady over here! Breezy! :-)

md on End of Day
Nothing can compare to the colors of sunset. So mesmerizing always...

md on Merry Christmas
yummy Christmas !

md on Add Color to Life
colorful!! :-)

md on Nether World
Is it a boot? a leather one? Looks interesting...

md on Lake Placid
Oh its so beautiful! Wish i was there!

md on The path to Nowhere
Mysterious Corridors... Whispering tales from the long past...

md on Colors of the Fall
Lovely one! Reminded me of a poem that i read sometime back... "... For the lovely dry leaves of Autumn bring ...

md on Door to Divinity
amazing sculptures...

md on From darkness lead me to light
one of my favorites ...

md on The Life Within
its beautiful!!

LoulouPix on The Life Within
Congatulations phenomenon, Your intriguing flower is among the favorites for the pink flowers challenge.Beautiful

LoulouPix on Lifeline
Congratulations Phenomenon, This intriguing shot is among the favorites for the bicolor challenge. Nice shot

md on Lifeline
That'z really colorful!

md on The White Brigade
Milky White Goosey Goosey Gander! Just love them!

md on Thirst
The King! ... Gorgeous!

md on Drops of nature
Like it a lot!

LoulouPix on Summer Scenes
Congratulations Phenomenon, Your project was one of the favorites for the summer challenge. Well done

md on Enter the Baby Dragon
Sweet little one!

LoulouPix on Pen is mightier than the sword
Congratulations Phenomenon, Your sword is among the winning pictures for the Pen and pencil challenge. Well done!

md on Coming back to life
its looking great! even without the colors!

md on Snake Eyes
Creepy ... :-(

md on Innocence
How beautiful are those innocent eyes! Sure to remember this photograph for many years to come...

md on Largeness Depends on Perspective
True... perspective matters a lot...

omid on Nature's Blades
wooow! very nice & so beautiful!!! Lovely!

LoulouPix on Nestled in Nestle
Congratulations Pheno Menon, Your strawberry shot is the winning picture for the fruit challenge. Well done!

md on Nature's Blades
Lovely .... Refreshing...

md on Raqs Sharqi (Eqyptian/Turkish Belly Dance)

md on Nature's Jewels
Beautiful! A very positive pix to start the day with...

omid on Misunderstanding
very nice & so beautiful! Lovely!

omid on Abandoned & Lonely
wooow! very nice & so beautiful!

barbod on Abandoned & Lonely
very nice

LoulouPix on Showering time
Congratulations Pheno Menon, Your shower is among the winners of the in your bathroom challenge. Neat execution!

md on Airing music
Nice .. decorative flute... wonder where you got it! Really unusual

md on Haunted Nights
shhhhh..........i can hear the werewolf howling .... can't you................

md on Nestled in Nestle
Wow!! What a color! Just love it!

omid on Nestled in Nestle
Mmmm...! very nice! sp beautiful colors!!!

Arash on Stones of Desire
a beautiful image :)

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